Quaal's feather tokens (pronounced: /kwɑːlkwal[5] or: /kwlkwayl[5]) were tiny magical objects that could be used only once before being exhausted. Several types of feather tokens existed, each with their own magical effect, with a power selected to meet a specific purpose.[3][4][1]


The forms of Quaal's feather tokens were as diverse as their magical effects. The only common feature was that most of them were ornamented with feathers,[4][1] or were no more than just a feather.[3]

Elven mages sometimes used the feathers of greatswans as the main component to create Quaal's feather tokens.[6]

Known Quaal's feather tokensEdit

Type Effect Cost (gp)
Anchor When pressed against a boat or ship, prevented the vessel from moving for up to 24 hours.[1][2][3][4] 50,[3] 2,000
Arbor Transformed the user into a magical tree, and caused them to lose self-awareness for up to 84 days.[1][2] 5,000[1][2]
Bind Several uses, all of them intended to impede or halt, depending on the type of object the token was used on.[1][2] 6,000[1][2]
Bird Used to deliver a small written message to a chose recipient without fail, similar to a carrier pigeon.[3] Or summoned a large, magical bird that could carry a substantial load up to 144 miles.[1][2][4] 300,[3] 3,000[1][2]
Bridge Formed a magical bridge of up to 67 feet in length.[1][2] 5,000[1][2]
Chest Summoned a magical chest for up to 24 hours.[1][2] 5,000[1][2]
Crown Caused the user to appear as a rich, lordly, and respectable individual for up to 24 hours[1][2] 2,000[1][2]
Eye Granted the user true sight for a short while, or permanently cured blindness in one eye.[1][2] 7,000[1][2]
Fan Summoned a giant, magical fan that generated a wind strong enough to fill a ship's sails, increasing the vessel's speed up to 25 mph for up to 8 hours, or to counter (but not increase) existing winds.[1][2][3][4] 200,[3] 4,000[1][2]
Finger Allowed the user to instantly teleport anywhere within sight.[1][2] 1,000[1][2]
Flame Created a burst of magical fire.[1][2] 2,000[1][2]
Jug Summoned a magical jug that poured up to 4 cubic feet of water. In rare cases, the jug could pour either holy water or unholy water.[1][2] 2,000 – 4,000[1][2]
Key Opened any lock, whether mundane or magical, with the exception of locks affected by glyph of warding or symbol. It could also open holes in walls.[1][2] 7,000[1][2]
Spoon Transformed into a plate of hearty, warm food, replenished until up to 16 people had eaten their fill. The food could neutralize all poisons and rot grubs in the eater's body, and cure the rotting disease of a mummy.[1][2] 5,000[1][2]
Stone Transformed into a larger rock when thrown, anywhere from 4 to 28 inches in diameter. A small percentage of these tokens had the avalanche quality, meaning they could cause landslides when thrown against a mountainside.[1][2] 1,250 – 5,500[1][2]
Swan Boat Summoned a large boat shaped like a swan for up to 24 hours. It could transport up to thirty-two humans or eight horses.[1][2][4] 450,[3] 5,000[1][2]
Sword Created a miniature steel sword that grew to full-size before disappearing after a short while.[1][2] 6,000[1][2]
Tree Permanently but instantly summoned a non-magical oak tree, 60-ft high,[1][2][3][4] 400,[3] 6,000[1][2]
Whip Summoned a magical, floating whip that could attack on its own and be controlled for up to 1 hour.[1][2][4] 500,[3] 7,000[1][2]
Wing Caused every object or person within a 2-feet radius to sprout wings and fall slowly until it touched the ground or was grabbed out of the air.[1][2] 6,000[1][2]

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