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Quails were a common species of bird in the Forgotten Realms.[citation needed]


Sand hen[]

The sand hen was a rare type of quail that could be found in the rimwood area of the Cormanthor forest, east of the River Lis. It was notable for the tasty stock that could be produced from its carcass.[1]

Ground quail[]

The commonly hunted and cooked species of quail found in Evermoors. They were used to prepare a satisfyingly delicious dish called bustards.[2]



Quail were known to inhabit the North.[3]


In the city of Ravens Bluff, quails were served at the Raven's Glory, Phoaraudo's, and Volodar's Stardust Inn.[4] Also in that city, the establishments Sword Tables Dining Lounge and Nimber's Skewer Shop sold quail meat on skewers.[5]



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