The Quang Muku Forest or simply Quang Muku was a forest in the kingdom of Koryo in northeast Kara-Tur. It lay east of the Vorkani Mountains.[1]


Koryoans thought of the Quang Muku Forest as a "dark and twisted wood".[2]


The Malu River crossed the Quang Muku Forest and emptied into the sea at Foo Nakar.[1]


According to local myths, there was a lost city of temples lying deep in the woods.[2]

The modern cities of Foo Nakar, Karak, and Singye lay on the fringes of the Quang Muku Forest, by the coast.[1]


Quang Muku was apparently once home to an ancient civilization, but this was long-fallen by the 14th century DR, remembered only in local myths of a lost city and men who stood 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall. The ancient people lived on as forest-dwelling tribes, known to the Koryoans as savages and strange cannibals.[2]

Bosturo, Master of the Muradi Lighthouse, grew up in the Quang Muku Forest.[3]

Two powerful spirits known as the Cosalla Huin To watched over the northern glades of the Quang Muku, making mischief on ordinary travelers and inflicting punishments on those who invaded or harmed the woods.[4]


Quang Muku was the source of much trade in the area. To outsiders, the tribespeople traded ropes fashioned from vines, talking birds with blue and black plumage, and a variety of fine perfumes.[2]

From the Quang Muku Forest, the city of Foo Nakar harvested a variety of woods, including the spice-wood and fir used for local ceramics; and a range of peculiar herbs. These they exported.[5]

Herbs and potionsEdit

Many more potent herbs were to be found within the dark recesses of the forest,[2] and they could be distilled into intoxicating potions and other substances. Many of these were known to Bosturo, an expert on the plants of Quang Muku.

Green sleeping dust was concocted from the bija tree that grew in the Quang Muku. Totally effective, it was used by Soretyo ninja in Foo Nakar.[6][7]

A love potion could be brewed from a certain berry found in the Quang Muku Forest. Notoriously effective, it had been used to deceive lovers and bring down strong and influential noble houses. Under its effects, Queen Ki Hiar of Saishu fell in love with a pirate from Wa, and Prince Du-yang of Silla was slain by the jealous husband of a plotting woman.[2]


In the mid–14th century DR, two men and their dog emerged from the Quangu Muku Forest with stories of finding a lost city in the woods, and the gold and gems to match. With these, they swiftly assembled a fresh expedition and set off. In 1357 DR, after being gone six months, they weren't expected to return.[4]



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