Quantoul was a popular and prolific spell-inventor of ancient Netheril and the founder of the enclave of Jockteleg.[1]


As an arcanist, Quantoul had a supreme interest in altering the makeup of matter, and his focus was therefore in variation magic.[1]


Quantol was born in the Netheril Year 1812, which corresponded to −2047 DR.[1] He was primarily active as an inventor from the year of −2028 DR until −2017 DR, during which time he created numerous spells,[2] at least a dozen of which were commonly used throughout the spheres.[3] Among these were spells such as haste and polymorph self.[3]

In −2019 DR, Quantoul founded the enclave of Jockteleg.[1][4] The flying city became a center for the study of the arcane arts, particularly of the school of variation.[1][4] This led to Quantoul's promotion to the ranks of the archwizards, and after 60 years from its founding, visiting arcanists from all over the empire flooded its streets.[1]

In −1932 DR, Quantoul's magical studies focused around the mythallar of his city.[1][4] He sought a means to allow the citizens of Jockteleg to polymorph themselves at will.[4] However, his efforts failed drastically, as the modifications to the mythallar instantly transformed all of the city's inhabitants into voadkyn.[1][4]

Quantoul tried desperately to repair the change to himself and his citizens but never could find a means to reverse the magic.[1][4] His original fear that everyone would lose their sanity turned out to be unfounded; indeed, everyone maintained their original minds and personalities, provided that they never left the range of the mythallar.[4]

For centuries, Quantoul remained on Jockteleg to lead his polymorphed people, extending his life by longevity magics, all the time seeking a cure for his mistake.[4] He never succeeded, and he and his people remained in the form of voadkyn until the Fall of Netheril.[1][4]

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Some believed that Quantoul actually survived the destruction of his city and that his mind still existed in some other form,[1][4] but most eventually forgot the name of the great archwizard.[1]


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