Quarrel was a half-orc assassin in the service of Tyranthraxus.[2]


Quarrel was a slender and powerful female humanoid with black hair, jet colored eyes, and a piggish nose.[2]


Slim and beautiful, spoke with a rough voice and could not escape her orc heritage.[2] She hoped Tyranthraxus would reward her for killing Shal Bal, Tarl Desanea, and Ren o' the Blade with transforming her orcish nose into a human one.[4]


In battle, Quarrel armed herself with her favorite dagger and wore dark cape over her chain mail.[2] As a secondary weapon, Quarrel equipped herself with a small scimitar.[5]


In 1340 DR[6], Quarrel and her assassin guild searched Sembia for ioun stones.[2] Two weeks later, she was hired by the Possessing Spirit to either persuade the heroes of Phlan to join the Lord of the Ruins or die.[4]


A day later on the 28th of Flamerule[7] 1340 DR, Quarrel met the heroes in the Laughing Goblin Inn but they refused to join Tyranthraxus, so she threw her poisoned dagger at Shal and fled. During a short melee in the inn, Quarrel had her skull crushed in under the hooves of Shal's horse familiar, Cerulean.[3]


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