A quarterstaff of battle was a potent magical quarterstaff.[1]


A +3 speed quarterstaff, it was also immune to all cutting and piercing damage and gave the wielder a great boost to his or her ability to disarm opponents.[1]

The staff could also be used up to three times per day to deflect medium-sized or smaller projectiles for a dozen seconds, including low-level ranged spells. This could be used to protect oneself or an adjacent ally, and the staff was not damaged in the act.[1]

Once a day, the wielder could use the staff to make a powerful "battlestrike". Much more damaging than a normal strike, this attack might stun and/or knock over the opponent.[1]

In addition, the staff could be used once a day to create a repulsion effect.[1]


This powerful weapon was worth 162,600 gold pieces.[1]


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