A quasimagical item was an item that acted as a permanently activated magical item, provided that it remained within range of a mythallar.[1]


The great Netherese arcanist Ioulaum created the first quasimagical item in −3011 DR. It was a mantle that allowed one to see in the dark and read someone else's surface thoughts.[1]

After this, countless quasimagical items were produced, so many that Netheril was flooded with them, wrecking the economy for a time, as such items could be sold for a tenth of the cost of "real" magical items, and those magical items rose in cost to triple the former price.[1]

Most quasimagical items were actually created with the common folk in mind, simple creations to assist in the everyday tasks of the middle class. The first such items to enter the markets were roomlights, tiny globes that lit up upon command. Magical provision of running water and plumbing followed after.[2]

When the phaerimm cast their life-draining spell over the empire, the quasimagical items lost their power.[3]