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Quayle was a particularly arrogant gnome who had dedicated his life to "mastering sorcery" while traveling the Sword Coast during the mid-14th century DR. He truly believed himself to be a genius and made sure anyone within earshot was aware of his superb intelligence.[1]

He was an ardent follower of the gnomish deity Baravar Cloakshadow.[1]

At last you realize the potential of my amazing brain!
— Quayle


In addition to his conceited nature, Quayle was noted for being both whiny and foul-tempered. He would openly mock any druids he encountered. These characteristics, that were expressed in an especially nasal voice, often left him in conflict with any travelers with whom he spent significant time.[1]


Quayle had an innate spell-like ability to turn people invisible.[1]


At a young age Quayle decided to leave home and find his own way in the world. He was said to have studied the arcane arts under the guidance of a fellow gnome named Gifos.[1]

As of the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR Quayle was traveling through the city of Baldur's Gate.[1]

A short time later, Quayle joined in with a traveling circus that made the rounds through Amn. It was while traveling with them that Quayle met the avariel elf, Aerie, who had been sold to the circus by slavers and was kept in a small cage. The confines of her enclosure damaged her wings, necessitating their amputation, and she became useless as an attraction. In a surprising act of empathy, Quayle healed her wounds, though she was still unable to fly.[2]

He shared his faith of Baravar Cloakshadow with the young mage and in a sense, took her under his wing. The two formed a genuine bond, and the young apprentice brought out some warmth in the usually unpleasant gnome whom she called "Uncle Quayle".[2]

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, the Quayle and Aerie's circus set up within Waukeen's Promenade in the city of Athkatla. When the circus' other illusionist Kalah was performing, he flubbed his arcane casting so bad the spell fizzled and the audience roared with laughter and ridicule. Kalah went into a rage and summoned various shadows and illusory monsters within the circus tents, even transforming his fellow performers: Aerie into an ogre and Quayle into a mustard jelly.[2]

Gorion's Ward and their party came upon the illusory circus tents and dispelled the illusions that hid Aerie's true form. The adventurers then continued on through the shadow monsters and eventually came across Kalah who was torturing the transfigured Quayle. They stopped the malevolent Kalah and saved the other trapped circus performers.[2]



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