Quelsandas was a mature adult bronze dragon allied with Impiltur during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[1]


In 1373 DR, following the suggestion of the avariel Taegan Nightwind, Queen Sambryl of Impiltur agreed to send a small contingent to the Gray Forest to destroy a Cult of the Dragon hideout. Among the expedition force there were also six bronze dragons, one being Quelsandas.

However, Quelsandas had previously made an agreement with Sammaster to betray his human allies in exchange for being spared from the effects of the Rage. Thus, at the chosen time, just before ambushing the cultist army, he surprised and turned on the Impilturan troops, casting a spell to drive the other bronze dragons into a frenzy. Unfortunately, Quelsandas found himself betrayed as well; though promised immunity, he cried out in despair as he, too, was afflicted. Taegan and the paladin lord Rangrim managed to kill the traitorous bronze, but the paladin died in the fight.[1]




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