A quelzarn was a giant, eel-like water snake that was able to dwell in most kinds of large bodies of water.[1]


Quelzarn looked like eels and had slimy green or brown skin. The slime was often covered in growing weeds and moss. A quelzarn was usually around 30–40 feet long and had a spine-like fin along its back, as well as a crest on its head. It had a large fin covering each of its two gills, located behind its jaws.[1]

There was a variant of quelzarn known as a greater quelzarn.[2][3]


Quelzarn could dwell in fresh- or saltwater and were highly tolerant of pollution. They could be found in tropical, subtropical, and temperate waters. They were solitary creatures.[1]

Quelzarn were attracted to magical items. They were sometimes mistaken for nagas.[1]


Quelzarn would eat any living thing. They could use a hold monster ability to freeze their prey before snatching it with their jaws. Prey were swallowed hole, left to drown inside the quelzarn's gullet. Quelzarn were highly resistant to magic and immune to all electrical attacks.[1]


The quelzarn's digestive juices served as a strong acid. Their cranial fluids served as useful inks for spells such as slow and hold monster, hold person, etc. Quelzarn tissue was used in wands of lightning. Its skin was useless once removed.[1]


The origin of quelzarn was unclear, but it was believed to have originated from a magical source, perhaps Unther, where the quelzarn had been hunted for sport.[1]

In 678 DR, Lord Councilor Kharis Maerdrym disappeared off the coast of Delthuntle while participating in a Grand Hunt of the near-legendary great quelzarn.[3][2]



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