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A quetzalcoatlus was an enormous flying reptilian creature often incorrectly counted as a dinosaur, and one of the more fearsome of the aerial predators known.[2][1]


Relatives of pteranodons, quetzalcoatluses were enormous flying animals with long necks and elongated heads, with relatively big brains. They had leathery bat-like wings, being formed from flaps of skin stretched between their forearms and specially adapted fingers, with wingspans that often exceeded 30 feet (9.1 meters). When on the ground, they moved about in a quadruped posture. They spent most of their time on the air.[2][1]


Quetzalcoatluses were not overtly aggressive and did not immediately attack unless threatened.[5] They tended to fly in high altitudes, either alone, in pairs, or in coveys of three to five. A carnivore, the quetzalcoatlus hunted for fresh meat such as small land animals, marine reptiles, and fish, though it would resort to eating carrion if necessary. They detested being grounded in any form, being vulnerable to other predators in this state, and thus would try to eat their prey while staying aloft.[2]


Soarwings could see in areas of both low-light and total darkness.[2]


When hunting prey over water, they flew low and scooped up in their jaws any aquatic creatures found just below the water's surface, and when over land, they swooped down upon their targets to snatch them, before regaining height. Quetzalcoatluses could swallow whole any creature of human size or smaller. They were known to hurl prey they couldn't immediately swallow, violently and from a great distance or height.[2] When in combat, a quetzalcoatlus could do devastating attacks when attacking with its powerful bite, especially if diving into its target during flight.[1]


Quetzalcoatluses were common to the mountainous areas and beaches of Chult, where small groups of individuals could be spotted flying overhead.[5] In particular, several nests of these animals could be found in the Mistcliffs.[6]


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