Quicklings were a rare breed of brownie[citation needed] that were once like any other brownies, but they sought out dark and powerful magic. It was unknown whether they sought the power for altruistic purposes or not, but it was known that the power corrupted them entirely. They became savage hunters who were particularly cruel in their methods of killing. They hated humanoids of all kinds and wished nothing more than to kill them all. They were exceptionally adept ventriloquists, which they used to fool others into traps or other dangerous situations.[4] Due to to their hyperactive behavior, no quickling ever lived past fifteen years.[5]


Quicklings sought out dark and evil places and lived in a clan structure with their extended families. They favored poisoned or corrupted natural dwellings such as twisted groves of trees; poisoned, cursed or diseased springs; or lands once ruled over by chaotic beings that had become overgrown. They avoided outside contact unless it helped them to promote their own evil desires. such as contacting evil outsiders or wizards to offer their services as trackers and assassins.[citation needed]


Quicklings were typically known to be servants of the Queen of Air and Darkness.[6] But in the Feydark they were also known to serve as elite spies, assassins, and saboteurs for fomorian rulers. Often sent to infiltrate or perform reconnaissance on other societies in the Feywild.[7]


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