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Quicklings were a small species of fey.

They race themselves to death, and scheme as fast as they can run.
— Volo's Guide to Monsters, Elminster, late 15th century DR[1]


Quicklings were 2‑foot-tall (0.61‑meter) humanoid fey of slender build,[3] similar in appearance to an elf, but with sharper, more feral features.[1]


Quicklings hated humanoids of all kinds and wished nothing more than to kill them all.[4] They were cruel, devious,[2] and capricious. They were also quite hyperactive, preferring not to slow down. They constantly paced and shifted in place whenever they were forced to be "stationary." They spent most of their time performing acts of mischief on creatures slower than themselves and delighted in causing suffering, especially when the blame fell on other creatures and caused further discord.[1]


The most distinct aspect of quicklings was their blindingly fast movement. This made them indistinct blurs whose words could not be properly heard or understood.[1]

Some quicklings were natural spellcasters, capable of casting ventriloquism, forget, levitate, shatter, dig, and fire charm at will.[3]


Quicklings typically fought their enemies with daggers[1] or shortswords. They liked to set ambushes and outwit their enemies, partially relying upon their speed to do so. They generally focused their attacks on weaker-looking adversaries while dodging the tougher ones.[2]


Quicklings were once a taller race of lazy and egotistical fey, but after being late in answering summons from the Queen of Air and Darkness one too many times she transformed them. Making them incredibly fast, shorter in stature, and reducing their lifespan to an average of fifteen years.[1]


Quicklings sought out dark and evil places and lived in a clan structure with their extended families. They favored poisoned or corrupted natural dwellings such as twisted groves of trees; poisoned, cursed or diseased springs; or lands once ruled over by chaotic beings that had become overgrown. They avoided outside contact unless it helped them to promote their own evil desires. such as contacting evil outsiders or wizards to offer their services as trackers and assassins.[citation needed]


Quicklings spoke their own language, as well as those of the brownies, pixies, halflings, and elves; like all fey, they spoke Sylvan.[3] However, they could not be properly understood unless they deliberately slowed down while speaking.[1]


They were often found within forests,[1][3] both in the Feywild and on the Prime Material plane, where the Unseelie Court held sway.[1]


Quicklings readily allied themselves with other evil fey.[2] Because of this, they were frequently servants of the Queen of Air and Darkness.[5] In the Feydark they were known to serve as elite spies, assassins, and saboteurs for fomorian rulers, who often sent them to infiltrate or perform reconnaissance on other societies in the Feywild.[6]

They generally hated humanoids of all kinds.[4] Druids were frequent targets of their pranks, especially those who served Titania.[7]

Rumors & Legends

Their original race was unknown, though some speculated that they may have once been brownies,[3][7] who dabbled in forbidden magic.[7]


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