Quickstrike was possibly the last specimen of slug-like[1] creatures called gravecrawlers or "ancestor worms".[2]


Quickstrike had a gray, plump, segmented body with a hairless and eyeless man-like head. His physiology allowed him only a crawling movement.[3] He emanated an aura of petrification causing agony and paralysis in living creatures and eventually turning any living or dead creature to stone. This prevented them from being raised by necromantic means.[1]


He was left to guard the catacombs of a long-gone kingdom that once existed in the Sunrise Mountains in Thay. The builders of the catacombs were afraid of their dead being raised as zombies. Quickstrike's duty was to petrify the corpses and make them impossible to reanimate as undead.[1]

In the first years of his existence, he ate the flesh of the corpses, absorbing their knowledge and wisdom.[4]

In 1375 DR, the bard Bareris Anskuld stumbled upon Quickstrike during his escape from undead pursuers.[3]





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