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A quipper was a general term for a wide variety of fish similar to piranhas that shared the trait of sharp teeth and gathering in large schools when hunting their unsuspecting prey.[6][1][7]


Frozenfar quipper
A variety of quipper endemic to the Sea of Moving Ice.[7]
Giant quipper
A variety that could grow to a length of 15 ft (4.6 m) and swallow a humanoid infant whole.[8][9]



Quippers were well adapted to many environments, but typically found in freshwater. It was not uncommon to find schools of quippers even in underground lakes.[1]

They were common in rivers throughout Chult[5] and in the headwaters of the Styx in Pandemonium.[10] During the time of Netheril, schools of quippers lived in the southern Channel Lock, but never migrated into the deeper Narrow Sea, the reason unknown.[6] Giant quippers could be found in the River Dessarin.[9]


Quipper and chips was a popular dish served at the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep in the 1490s DR.[11]





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