The quiver of Anariel was a magical arrow quiver that automatically replenished its ammunition.[1][2][note 1]


The quiver of Anariel looked like any other ordinary arrow quiver, holding twenty arrows. It weighed 1 pound (0.45 kilograms).[2]


This quiver automatically refilled itself with regular or magical arrows, ensuring that it was always full. An arrow quickly disappeared if it was not used, however.[2]

A mighty gift, indeed, the Lady Anariel gave to the clan!
— R.A. Salvatore, Streams of Silver

A quiver of Anariel could be fashioned that produced basic arrows, masterwork arrows, or a range of magical arrows, at increasing costs:

  • Regular arrows: 28,000 gp
  • Masterwork arrows: 29,000 gp
  • +1 arrows: 32,000 gp
  • +2 arrows: 44,000 gp
  • +3 arrows: 64,000 gp
  • +4 arrows: 92,000 gp
  • +5 arrows: 128,000 gp

They could also have heads formed from special materials for extra cost, including adamantine (+6000 gp), alchemical silver (+200 gp), or cold iron (+4005).[2]


Lady Anariel once gifted one of these quivers along with the bow Taulmaril to Clan Battlehammer at Mithril Hall.[3][note 2]

In 1356 DR, the Companions of the Hall explored the ruins of Mithril Hall and Regis discovered Taulmaril and the quiver in a crack in a stone wall. They gave both quiver and bow to Catti-brie, and she went on to use both in many battles.[3]

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  1. The quiver of Anariel may be related to the similarly functioning quiver of plenty.
  2. There is not yet any evidence that Anariel invented or created the quiver of Anariel, only that the one in Catti-brie's possession is named for her. It may be that this is only a particular example of a quiver of plenty.


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