A quiver of Ehlonna was a magical quiver that could hold a large number of weapons and ammunition without ever increasing its volume or weight.[1][2]


The quiver of Ehlonna appeared like a well-crafted mundane quiver.[3] It had three compartments of different lengths.[1][2]


Each of the quiver's compartments connected to an extradimensional space that could hold a variety of items without increasing the quiver's weight. The smallest compartment could hold up to sixty arrows; the medium compartment could hold up to eighteen javelins or objects of similar size and shape; and the largest compartment could hold up to six objects of the size of quarterstaffs, spears, or longbows.[1][2]

The quiver of Ehlonna magically replenished the supply of at-hand items,[3] so that drawing an object from it required no more effort than drawing from a normal quiver.[1][2]

In order to craft a quiver of Ehlonna, it was necessary to know the Leomund's secret chest spell.[2]

Notable OwnersEdit

The halfling rogue Shandie Freefoot owned a quiver of Ehlonna, acquired over the course of her adventures.[3]



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