Ra-Khati, or Ra-Khatian, was the language spoken by the people of Ra-Khati in Kara-Tur.[2][1][3][4]

It was of the Shou Chiang languages group, being related to the Kao te Shou and Khazari languages. The languages were mutually intelligible, similar enough for a speaker of one to understand the other, yet different enough to count as separate languages.[2]

Ra-Khati was slightly influenced by the Solonese dialect of Devic, spoken in Solon.[1]

In Ra-Khatian, the title Dalai Lama meant "ocean spirit father"[5] while the name Sandiraksiva translated to "He who refuses to carry the Dalai Lama".[6] "Nyum" was a Ra-Khatian concept combining spirit, courage, and audaciousness, most similar to chutzpah.[7]



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