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General Raachaak was a power-hungry balor who sought to capture a legendary bloodforge in the 14th century DR.[2]

It's not whether you win or lose that counts, it's how much pain you inflict along the way.[1]


Towering General Raachaak appeared similar to other balors. He had huge bony wings, massive musculature, jagged claws, amber-colored eyes, and oily thick leathery crimson skin. His weapon of choice was his demonic serpentine whip of many tails, speckled with obsidian shards.[1]


Raachaak was evil and sadistic, and like the rest of his kin, ambitious. He resented most creatures and would retaliate with extreme cruelty for the mere act of questioning him.[3]


In 1371 DR[note 1], the vrocks Morbaat, Shaakat, and Rejik were ordered by General Raachaak to find a way into the ancient and recently resettled city in the Utter East that contained a fabled bloodforge. When the general gave his subservient vrocks instructions to head to Toril, Morbaat stood out of line and asked Raachaak if the vrocks would be better off capturing the bloodforge instead of simply scouting the way into the city. In punishment, the vrock was stomped into the ground by the general and slashed with his fiery whip until she stopped screaming and ceased convulsing in agony.[3]

Rachaak planned on using the power of the bloodforge to conjure countless warriors out of thin air and overrun Baator. But in order to do so, he needed his servants to find a way around the new denizens' wards against all tanar'ri.[3]

Even though Shaakat and Rejik indeed found a way into the city—a portal that lay in the Sargauth Level of Undermountain, the tanar'ri's ambition and greed led to the vrocks' confrontation with the paladins of Tyr trying to reach the same portal. The vrocks failed miserably, as the confrontation led to the portal being buried under the collapsed tunnel. General Rachaak did not abandon his quest for power, however, and tortured the vrocks in punishment.[2]



The Paladins


  1. The Abduction, p.6 states that the wedding of Piergeiron the Paladinson and Eidola took place in the Year of the Haunting, 1377 DR. However, that date is implausible. Khelben Arunsun died in 1374 DR as depicted in Blackstaff (novel). Furthermore, Aleena Paladinstar was stated to be gone from Waterdeep by 1372 DR, planeswalking (City of Splendors: Waterdeep). On the other hand, the events of the Descent to Undermountain took place in 1370 DR, during which Aleena was actively banned from adventuring and any danger by her father. In the events of The Paladins, as well as the finale of the DDTS, Aleena took a central role, no longer bound by her father's rules. She later, with all the experience she received from battling the Unseen and hordes of Tanar'ri, felt confident enough to use her magic to traverse the planes. This places DDTS events likely in 1371 DR. This also does not conflict with appearances by Artemis Entreri, and the Neshers.


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