The rababah of the dao was a wondrous musical instrument created by dao craftsmen for the high chieftain of the jann of the High Desert on his ascension day.[1]

Since each new jann chieftain received a full set of magical instruments known collectively as the instruments of the jann, there were multiple rababah of the dao in existence throughout Zakhara.[1]


This rababah was made from the very finest materials available to the dao. Hair from the swiftest horse of the High Desert was used to make the bow. The soundbox was made from the skull of a fearsome great roc.[1]


When played this instrument allowed the user to cast an entangle spell once per day. Bards and rawunin could use this power twice per day. This ability only worked if the target was standing on sand or soft ground.[1]

A special power was available to bards and rawunin. Once per week they could "shift the earth", summoning a powerful earth elemental to serve them. As long as the instrument was played the elemental would remain under the control of the user. The elemental would instantly return to the Elemental Plane of Earth if the music was interrupted.[1]



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