Races of Faerûn is a sourcebook set in the Forgotten Realms for the 3rd-edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, detailing various races and ethnicities in the Realms.

Encounter reclusive avariel, arrogant Calishites, noble centaurs, and bold Rashemi. From the steppes of Thay to the shores of Evermeet, the inhabitants of the Realms are as distinct as the regions from which they hail, whether hero, henchman, villain, or villager. With complete information about the noteworthy races, subraces, and ethnicities scattered throughout Toril, Races of Faerûn offers a detailed look at the many and varied peoples who inhabit the Forgotten Realms game setting.
  • 80 New feats
  • 26 New magic items
  • 8 New monsters
  • 9 New prestige classes
  • 13 New spells

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Creatures[edit | edit source]

animals (hound, mastiffibislynx) • cavvekandeathfangosquipsnake, flyingsteeder

Items[edit | edit source]

Dendritic crystal armor

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