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Radiant dragons were beautiful and benevolent planar dragons native to Mount Celestia.[1]


Radiant dragons emitted their own glow and could control their own radiance. Their scales were perfectly shaped and resembled liquid white gold. They had distinctively resounding deep voices.[1]


Zealous and dedicated opponents of evil, radiant dragons were equally devout promoters of good. Always noble in their posture, they did not hesitate to offer assistance, healing, and comfort to noble and just creatures. When facing proponents of chaos or evil, they became furious and merciless combatants, unleashing all their might in their quest to destroy their enemies.[1]


Furious defenders of righteous causes, radiant dragons possessed two breath weapons. The first was a blinding cone of radiant light, which they reserved for situations they wished to diffuse without causing harm. If battle was joined in earnest, they made use of their second breath weapon: a line of force.[1]

They could dispel any darkness effect in their vicinity and could innately cause effects similar to the daylight, prismatic sphere, searing light, and sunburst spells.[1]

Radiant dragons also had innate healing capabilities. Their touch alone could create effects similar to cure critical wounds, regenerate, remove blindness or deafness, remove paralysis, and restoration.[1]


Radiant dragons preferred to establish their lairs in places that received abundant sunlight, which they decorated with gems and shiny objects to create colorful and spectacular displays of light. They could be found alone or in families as they raised their young. Clutches of young radiant dragons were also commonly found.[1]

In addition to Mount Celestia, radiant dragons could also be found in the Dragon Eyrie, the House of the Triad, and the House of Nature.[2]




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