A radiant mephit was a mephit from the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Radiance.[1]


Such mephits were silver in hue, and reflected their surroundings, much like mirrors. Their facial features appeared to be exaggerated, with wide mouths and large dark eyes. In contrast, their wings were very thin and prismatic.[1]

Radiant mephits appeared to be permanently dazzled by the plane of Radiance.[1]


They would often have fits of giggling, or otherwise would stare intensely at other beings and tell them about the glories of their home plane. They had very poor attention spans, and thus rarely completed missions.[1]


As with other mephits, radiant mephits attacked with their claws. They could also cast color spray, blinding their opponents. They were immune to all vision-impacting spells, as well as vision illusions. They could regenerate in strong sources of light. Radiant mephits could gate in other mephits of the same type.[1]



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