Radoc, also known as "The One" and Doc, was a powerful archmage dwelling in the Star Mounts in the High Forest around 1358 DR. The mysterious charismatic figure known as Radoc gave the appearance of a peaceful yet powerful healer, seldom seen traveling yet known to give aid to those in need, such as to the folk of Loudwater. What wasn't known was that Radoc had been exiled from another Prime Material plane.[3]

His faith was that of Tangg, an other-planar power.[1]


On his forehead was a glowing sigil, said to have been placed there by the titan Sylla.[1]


Radoc's goal was to return to his home plane, New Empyrea, as its master. Over the course of nearly twenty years he built a power base in the Star Mounts, using tribes of mongrelmen for muscle while purchasing all of the mithril that the orcs of the Spine of the World could mine.[1][2] Overtime he had amassed over 75 of these mongrelmen.[2]

In the summer of 1366 DR, Radoc was last seen leaving the Star Mounts with his forces, as rumors circulated that he had finally obtained enough power to transport them to an unknown destination. Rumors continued to circulate regarding his whereabouts, with some saying he had gone to the Fallen Lands and others speculating that died on a battlefield on another plane.[2] At some point during this time he acquired a deepspawn, allowing him to produce even more mongrelmen as well as troll servitors.[4]

In actuality, Radoc met his end in the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR. Having heard about the death of Hellgate Keep's ruler, he decided to lead his monstrous army out of the Fallen Lands and on assault against the demon-infested fortress. His forces made significant headway, tearing through the demons and their undead minions. But the demons tore and hurled chunks of masonry off their battlements, crushing both Radoc and his siege engines. The remaining forces of the mad wizard fled the battlefield, scattering back into the Fallen Lands.[5]


Radoc considered Grintharke, the balor ruler of Hellgate Keep, to be one of his great foes.[5]



Radoc was a character in the Egg of the Phoenix modules for the New Empyrea setting.


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