Radu Malveen was a fighter in Selgaunt.[2][1]


Radu was a member of the Malveen house.[1]


Radu was always a lone child. He was not interested in playing with other children, only enjoying to practice with the sword.[1]

In 1345 DR, his elder brother Stannis Malveen and his mother, the sorceress Velanna Malveen, fled from Selgaunt after the former was discovered having had dealings with pirates. City officials took Radu and all his siblings out of their estate but Radu secretly went back each night.[1]

One night, Stannis went back to his family's estate with his vampire master. However, Radu, despite his young age, easily slew the vampire master and Stannis decided to follow Radu's will.[1]

Radu in later years became a businessman but, unlike his brother Laskar Malveen, who had renounced all ties with Velanna's network, Radu delved in smuggling and slaving. He always carefully avoided leaving any clues pointing to him. He also worked as an assassin and duelist.[1]


Radu loved his family in his distorted way. He found enjoyment only in duels to the death.[1]




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