Raelis Shai was a tiefling bard who was the leader of an actor's troupe based in Sigil circa the mid–14th century DR on the world of Toril.[1]


Among the fellow actors in Raelis' troupe were the blade Haer'Dalis and two other individuals.[1]


At some point, Raelis penned a play titled A Comedy of Terrors, which was quite critical of Duke Rowan Blackwood. Having passed it off as the work of another author, she and her fellow actors actually performed the play on Sigil. When Duke Blackwood got wind of the performers he sent bounty hunters after the troupe.[1]

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Raelis' companion Haer'Dalis tried to steal a portal gem from the mage Mekrath in Athkatla, in order that the troupe could escape Toril via the Astral Plane. Unfortunately Haer'Dalis was caught and imprisoned within Mekrath's lair in Athkatla's sewer system.[1]

During that time the troupe tried to continue to put on plays in the theater beneath the Five Flagons. Unfortunately their new understudy Biff did not have the same acting chops as Haer'dalis.[1]



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