Ragewalkers, sometimes called the war torn fey, were fey that embodied war-torn lands and sought to end war with death.[1]


Ragewalkers were 15 feet (4.6 meters) tall and weighed about 500 pounds (230 kilograms). They generally had light-gray skin. Their faces, which were elf-like in appearance, were always twisted by bloodlust. However, few beings ever saw anything more than the tight-fitting metal armor that they wore constantly.[1]


Ragewalkers were insane by the standards of any creature. They sought to end war by killing everything capable of making war.[1]


Ragewalkers had several innate abilities. They were at all times surrounded by a cloud of flying weapons, and a thrown or other ranged weapon could potentially strike the attacker instead. They could induce a mindless killing frenzy on any creature within 10 feet (3 meters) of them. Ragewalkers also possessed several innate spell-like abilities. Interestingly, ragewalkers had a natural gift for commanding living spells and often used them as minions.[1]

Ragewalkers suffered no apparent consequences for wearing their armor constantly and it didn't ever seem to affect them adversely. They could see even in dim lighting and spoke several languages, including both Common and Sylvan.[1]


Ragewalkers were born in landscapes torn and warped by war; sages considered them nature's response to the destruction caused by great battles. They were found either alone or in small groups.[1]

Despite being fearsome fighters themselves, they typically preferred to cause fighting in other groups.[1]


They were often known to be found in ancient Netherese ruins, as well as ancient battlefields where the Orcgate and Crown Wars were once fought.[1]


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