Rahalat was a Place Spirit who was once a Bedine sorceress in Anauroch.[1]


When Rahalat manifested herself, she appeared as a silent, transparent, and floating veiled woman, young and strong but with a heartbroken look on her face. She spoke to visitors telepathically if she so desired.[1]


Long before the mid–14th century DR, Rahalat was a Bedine sorceress outcast, abandoned by her tribe at an oasis. She tried to stop everyone coming to her oasis until a tribe murdered her in order to get water. Soon after, the oasis turned to blood, and for ten years, everyone who drank from it died. By 1358 DR, the Bedine would always sacrifice a camel to honor her before drinking from the oasis. She sometimes appeared near the oasis.[1]

Rahalat still looked after a herd of goats on the mountain overlooking her oasis. She would warn intruders by making them hear the ringing of goat bells in their minds.[1]


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