Raidon, you are the Key of Stars! [...] And the Key must turn, one last time![2]

Raidon Kane was a halfstar elf Shou monk and Keeper of the Cerulean Sign.[citation needed]


Raidon was trained as a monk at the Xiang monastery in Telflamm[1] in the martial art of Xiang Do.[3]

Raidon, whose Cerulean Sign fused with his body during the Spellplague of 1385 DR, rescued the multiverse by preventing the awakening of "The Eldest" aboleth and preventing Malyanna from unlocking the Far Manifold and opening the portal between the Far Realm and the Feywild. Although he died at the Citadel of the Outer Void, a place from where the Gods couldn't claim the soul of a mortal, his soul was probably saved.[citation needed]


Raidon's friends and allies included the "dream-mage" Anusha Marhana; the star-pact warlock Japheth Donard; Captain Aulruick Thoster, a scion of Dagon; and the psion Yeva.[citation needed]




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