The Rainbow Monastery was located next to the Rainbow Falls in the Katakoro Shan mountain range in Ra-Khati. It was dedicated to Byubo, the Padhasattva of Nyum (audacious courage), of the Padhran religion.[1]


Six colored structures spread along the Rainbow Trail comprised the Rainbow Monastery. They were:[1]

  • Red Tower
  • Orange Cloister
  • Yellow Abbey
  • Green Hospice
  • Blue Grotto
  • Purple Priory


Members of the Order of Rainbow Monks were stationed at each of the separate hospices. In exchange for donations, the monks aided travelers in moving their goods up the steep ascent of the Rainbow Trail.[1]


When Yamun Khahan army passed through the region during the mighty conquest during the mid–14th century DR, a group of deserters seized the monastery as their own, believing it to be an ideal spot to exact tolls from travelers.[1]



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