Rallogar Hardware, or Rallogar's Hardware, was a hardware store located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. Its proprietor was Zendaros Rallogar.[1][2][3]


Rallogar Hardware was situated opposite the Wheloon Watch House, and on the corner of Wheloon Way and the Way of the Manticore.[1]


The building was once a stables before being converted into a hardware store. Rallogar Hardware was in business by 1358 DR.[2] It was still in business through 1369 DR,[1] and in 1374 DR.[3]

Rallogar Hardware provided supplies monthly to the newly built Temple of Mystra. Lady of Mystery Naedaenya Arthas was writing to negotiate better rates in early Eleint.[4]

Structure & InteriorEdit

The building still resembled an old and dusty stables, including a hayloft stuffed with old junk.[1]


The store sold a variety of hardware goods. These ranged from rusty scrap metal to new metal goods, such as nails. Among them was a full range of hooks, from small, fine hooks for hanging masks and wigs, to big barge hooks.[1] Zendaros made sure to keep good stocks of rope and wire, of all lengths and thicknesses, from strangling wire to thick ship towing cables. These were sold as small pieces or by the bale, and there were huge drums of 1000-foot-long (305-meter-long) hempen rope for sale too. Zendaros made good business selling rope and wire to merchants who needed to tie cargo down.[1][3] Miscellaneous other goods for sale included hair combs, backpacks, wineskins, and almost everything else. The store did not, however, sell weapons and armor, with these trades left to other stores.[3]

Rallogar Hardware also did not buy or sell magic items, ostensibly because Zendaros despised magic. Customers who asked were forced out of the store. However, Zendaros actually ran a prosperous black market trade in magic items, weapons, armor and so on. One of his employees later approached the curious customer to broker a deal.[3]

The stock was mostly unorganized, bar the rope and wire, so finding a specific item could be lengthy and tedious.[3] It was described as a browser's paradise.[1]

Desperate people sometimes paid Zendaros well to let them hide in the hayloft, to either avoid a Purple Dragon patrol or eavesdrop on others.[1]



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