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Rand's Travelogue was a series of articles on the Wizards of the Coast website, published between 2001 and 2003, written by an in-universe persona known as Rand Sharpsword.

List of articles[]

Title Date Location Citation template
Caravans of the Western Heartlands August 2001 Western Heartlands [citation template]
Caravans and Trading Companies in Sembia September 2001 Sembia [citation template]
More Moonsea! September 2001 Moonsea [citation template]
More Dalelands! September 2001 Dalelands [citation template]
More Lake of Steam and Dragon Coast! November 2001 Lake of Steam
Dragon Coast
[citation template]
More High Forest, Savage Frontier, and Silver Marches! December 2001 High Forest
Savage Frontier
Silver Marches
[citation template]
More Old Empires and Sembia! January 2002 Old Empires
[citation template]
More of the Shining South! February 2002 Shining South [citation template]
More of the Unapproachable East! March 2002 Unapproachable East [citation template]
More of the Underdark and the Vast! April 2002 Underdark
The Vast
[citation template]
More of the Vilhon Reach! May 2002 Vilhon Reach [citation template]
More of Waterdeep and Lands of Intrigue! June 2002 Waterdeep
Lands of Intrigue
[citation template]
More of the Western Heartlands! July 2002 Western Heartlands [citation template]
The Herald's Holdfast July 2002 Herald's Holdfast [citation template]
More Evereska October 2002 Evereska [citation template]
Politics in the Silver Marches January 2003 Silver Marches [citation template]
Odds and Ends for Silver Marches January 2003 Silver Marches [citation template]
More of the Conclave of Silverymoon February 2003 Silverymoon [citation template]
Organizations of the Silver Marches March 2003 Silver Marches [citation template]
Monks of the Long Death April 2003 Silver Marches [citation template]
Personalities of the Silver Marches May 2003 Silver Marches [citation template]


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