Randall Morann was the Master Craftsman of the Fellowship of Bards, Performers and Artists in the city of Ravens Bluff during the late 14th century DR. He was well-respected by his fellow guild members and spent his time creating masterwork musical instruments, and overseeing his workshop within the performers' guildhouse.[1]


When he wasn't busy honing and further mastering his craft, Randall was often found training the apprentices who produced goods within his workshop. It was overseen by his assistant, and former apprentice, Jolan, whose skill had not yet come close to that of his former instructor.[1]

Throughout his career, Master Morann developed a particular way to carve and finish wooden instruments so that they would be well-protected from the elements and cold weather (to much celebration from the guilds traveling bards. As per his rank within the guild, Randall was considered a Master in the crafting of musical instruments, but he was also recognized as a skilled performer of woodwinds as well reciter of poetry.[1]


Randall was a giant of a man, who resembled a burly lumberjack more than a Master within the bards' guild. The little hair he had left on his head, which had not yet gone grey, was offset by his thick bushy brown beard.[1]

He was quite friendly, quick to laugh, and had a roaring guffaw that easily charmed those who might otherwise look down on his for being such an atypical, albeit accomplished, artist.[1]


Born to a farmer near the town of Dark Hallow, Randall moved to Ravens Bluff in the search of fortune. He quickly earned a living with the sale of his woodcarvings and wooden pipes. His skill with the carver's tools garnered the attention of of the city's performers' guild and he took an apprenticeship under a master instrument-maker. The amiable woodworker learned quickly and took to experimenting with new and creative crafting techniques. His skill grew immensely and rapidly over the years and he eventually rose to the rank of Master Craftsman.[1]



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