Randulaith was an Illuskan human male wizard and a member of the Xanathar Thieves' Guild of Skullport.[1]


Randulaith favored plain clothes of tunic and breeches, but was elegant in dress.[1]


Randulaith was quiet and not a cruel man. He easily made friends among all races and beliefs. He enjoyed fine wine, witty jokes, and desired mermaids.[1]


Thanks to his amiable nature, Randulaith was a valuable spy for the Xanathar. He frequented Skullport and the Dock Ward of Waterdeep.[1]


Randulaith was originally from Mirabar, but eventually left the city and came to Skullport. There, he became one of the lieutenants of the Xanathar. He was even tasked with guarding the Eye's lair in Undermountain.

His long-held plan was to join the ranks of the Lords of Waterdeep. He learned from his fellow Xanathar agent Colstan Rhuul that Brianne Byndraeth was one of the Lords and decided to court her in order to achieve his objective. He successfully got engaged with her. Unknown to Randulaith, he was also under scrutiny for membership in the Lords by Caladorn Cassalanter and Sammereza Sulphontis.[1]



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