Rannek was a human fighter from Nesmé who was a member of the Riders of Nesmé.


Rannek was the only survivor left in the ruins of the town when it was destroyed by Proffit and his band of trolls. He was hit from behind and pinned under a boulder. Somehow he escaped and, ashamed by quick defeat, attempted to make things right by leading a group of refugees to safety, that is, until General Dagna and Galen Firth found them battling trolls. Rannek and Firth grated on each other's nerves. When the refugees were safe, Rannek fled east to Damara.[1]

Drawn to Damara by a force he couldn't explain, but with nothing to lose, he joined with Zhai and Illius to cleanse the Gemspark mine. He accidentally freed Cireka and Ygorl in the process. After that he helped slay the red dragon Caminus. He eventually avenged himself on Proffit's trolls.[1]

Rannek later ruled over Vaasa, claiming it from the monsters living there for King Gareth Dragonsbane. The sword that he took from Cireka, the Silver Sword of Gith, carried the impending threat that the githyanki would come to try and take it back.[1]





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