A ranseur (pronounced: /rænˈsʊərræn-SOOR[2]) was a two-handed, martial melee reach weapon in the pole arm family.[1]


Using Gary Gygax's classification system described in pole arms, a ranseur is a specialized spear with some added capabilities. (Note that the Wikipedia article linked above calls them corseques.) The head has a long, tapered spear tip with two wing-like projections at the base. These secondary barbs project out at about 45° from the center line but are curved backward. The base of the spear head is often indented forming a trap between the spear head and the secondary tines. This unusual weapon head is mounted on a shaft about 8 to 10 feet (2.4 to 3 meters) long. An average ranseur costs 10gp and weighs 12lbs (5.5kg).[3]

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Mainly a thrusting weapon, the ranseur's secondary barbs add some defensive capability to the basic spear. In addition, the trap at the base of the spear head can be used to entangle an enemy weapon and, with a twist of the shaft, bend or break the weapon and significantly increase the chance to disarm an opponent. The ranseur is a reach weapon that can attack targets 10 feet (3 meters) away but cannot be brought to bear on adjacent enemies. Of course the barbs may be used to pull a rider off his mount. Due to its length, a ranseur must be wielded two-handed by human-sized creatures. Ranseurs, like most pole arms, are very effective in large numbers, in combination with other types of forces, and when wielded by well-trained troops. For these reasons it is classified as a martial weapon.[4]


A ranseur

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