Ranthor was a human wizard and master of Shal Bal who lived in Cormyr.[1]


Being a wizard, Ranthor liked to dress in fine clothes and keep his appearance in good order; many of his robes were blue, which was his signature color.[4]


"My life was full, especially these last three years that you were with me. May yours be as much and more. Farewell, Shal Bal of Cormyr".
— Jane Cooper Hong, Pool of Radiance

As a teacher, Ranthor was kind and giving, always providing his students with positive encouragement and motivation.[2] When he was a young man, Ranthor loved to dance and was always surrounded by beautiful women.[5]


After his death, Ranthor left Shal all his personal items, including a staff of power, a cloth of many pockets, a ring of three wishes, a wand of wonder, and his familiar, Cerulean.[6]


Around 1337 DR, Ranthor took Shal Bal as an apprentice, even though she had no gold nor demonstrated any magical gift. In Flamerule 24[7], 1340 DR[8], Ranthor traveled to Phlan to aid a fellow wizard, Denlor.[9]


While communicating with Shal through a crystal ball, Ranthor was stabbed from behind by a dark dagger wielded by an unknown killer who wore a strange serpent-headed armlet.[3]


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