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Rasaad yn Bashir was a Selûnite monk who wandered the Sword Coast and Lands of Intrigue in search of both enlightenment and revenge during the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Rasaad was a focused individual who could follow a specific goal to the point of obsession. While he was a man of strong faith, it wavered several times throughout his journeys.[2]


During his time in the monastery Rasaad trained his body in the martial arts and honed his mind by studying history, practicing the art of debate, and examining the nine thousand mysteries of Selûne. He was taught the discipline of meditation and shown how it could illuminate the path to defeating the forces of darkness.[1]


In his youth, Rasaad showed only love and admiration for his older brother Gamaz. Gamaz' approval meant everything to the younger Rasaad. They two were open and honest with one another, each relying on the other to survive.[1][2]

As they trained together as monks, Rasaad proved himself to be more intelligent and skilled in combat. Gamaz came to resent Rasaad and believed was purposefully holding him back.[1][2]


Among Rasaad's select few possessions were a pair of moonlight walkers, boots worn by members of the Sun Soul, and the glimmering bands bracers that once belonged to his brother.[3]


Early Life[]

Rasaad's birth was not an entirely auspicious event as his mother passed away during delivery. He and Gamaz were raised by their father alone, who struggled with increasing debts. After these obligations grew too large, the widower Bashir was sentenced to fight in the Arena Efreetum and was killed soon after. Rasaad and Gamaz were left to survive in Calimport as orphans who only had one another.[1]

The pair managed to survive on their own in the streets by begging and "fishing" (picking pockets) when they had to. When Rassad was eight years old and Gamaz ten, they attempted to steal from a man they did not realize was a monk. Rather than punish the bothers, the monk offered them the choice to accompany him to the Monastery of the Moon and train in the disciplines of monkhood. As Gamaz was the elder brother, he accepted the offer on their behalf.[1][2]

When the time arrived for Rasaad and Gamaz to take their Rite of Initiation and become full-fledged monks of the order, the two brothers wound up facing one another in a match of martial skill. Gamaz was seen as the superior fighter and in fact won the duel. Rasaad had deftly thrown the match, anticipating his brothers moves and taking just the right moves to ensure his brother's victory. Both brothers made their ascension as Sun Soul monks.[2]

Time as a Monk[]

Rasaad monking about in the moonlight.

When the Athkatlan sect of the Sun Soul ceased communications with the others around Faerûn, Rasaad, Gamaz, and eight other monks were sent to investigate. Finding the temple abandoned, the group came to learn the monks were slain by Alorgoth and his disciples of Shar.[1]

Continuing their search in the city Athkatla at night, the brothers Bashir came across a man who was being assaulted by a group that appeared to be Shadow Thieves. After driving off their attackers, Rasaad tended to the man's wounds while Gamaz chased after the assailants. Rasaad was arrested soon after, and told by the city guards that Gamaz was overwhelmed in battle and died of his wounds. After Gamaz' apparent death, Rasaad left behind the Calishite order to seek his own solace and to find opportunities to reflect his inner light on those in need.[1]

Traveling the Sword Coast[]

During his travels Rasaad visited the Monastery of the Sun in Waterdeep and the Amnian town of Nashkel. He spent some time there performing martial arts and enlightening others about Selûne and the Order of the Sun Soul.[1]

By the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, he had found his way to Baldur's Gate. Passing through the docks one night, Rasaad encountered a group of monks from the Order of the Dark Moon. He recognized some of them from his fight in Athkatla and realized the Dark Moon was responsible for his brother's death. Rasaad found one of their associates named Sorrem in the Blade and Stars, routed their cell that established themselves in the city, and ventured south to their monastery in the Cloud Peaks mountain range.[1]

At the monastery Rasaad discovered that Gamaz was still alive and had dedicated himself to Shar and the Shadow Weave, by joining the Dark Moon order under the leadership of Alorgoth. Gamaz and his fellow Sharran monks attacked Rasaad but were ultimately defeated.[1]

By Uktar of that year, Rasaad had returned to Baldur's Gate to investigate missing followers of Selûne. When crowds of refugees began pouring into the city from the Sword Coast, Rasaad remained to help. He soon realized however that his true calling was the life of an adventurer. He left the city, hoping to reunite with his former companion, Abdel Adrian.[3]

Some time over the next few months, Rasaad once again traveled south to Amn. He began investigating a newly-formed group called the Cult of the Twofold Trust, which attracted followers of both Selûne and Shar. Rasaad had heard the group was led by a man called Collus Darathon, a name he believed was an alias of Alorgoth. The disheartened monk sought revenge against the man he believed responsible for his brother's fall from grace.[4]



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Behind the Scenes[]

In the Baldur's Gate series of video games, Rasaad is voiced by Mark Meer.

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