Syl-Pasha Rashid yn Kamal el Djenispool was the last ruler of the Djenispool dynasty and of the Ninth Age of Calimshan.[2]


While he passed himself off as a roguish character, Rashid was in fact a wizard. He used his magic to disguise his talents. He also relied on his youthful looks to disguise his own age. In fact, when he took his throne at the age of 66 years, he pretended to be his own "lost son"![2]


Rashid was the cousin of the previous caleph of Calimshan, Teladh el Djenispool, and the grandson of the original Djenispool syl-pasha, Saban el Djenispool.[2] Rashid's oldest son was Punjor, who served as his vizier.[4]


Syl-Pasha Rashid used his magic arts to exert control on his subjects, beyond what his advisors suspected. Still, Rashid never had full control of Calimshan, as the nation at that time was essentially composed many city-states, each with its own rulers and intrigue and each changing hands more frequently than in any time in history. What Rashid successfully managed to do during all of this political turmoil among the cities, however, was to ensure that the economy of the nation still flourished.[2]



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