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A rat was a long-tailed rodent, a species of animal.[3] Rats with brown fur were favored by the Mulhorandi god Geb, while those with black fur were sacred to Loviatar. Rats of any variety were seen as signs of good omen to worshipers of Beshaba, Talona, and Yurtrus.[7]


Rats were generally cowardly creatures, but would become fierce if cornered or trapped. They feared fire, but if hungry enough could be driven to ignore this base instinct.[5]




Rats thrived in urban environments where they could easily feed off the leftover food and waste of the community.[2] Deep in the Underdark near Menzoberranzan, scurry rats were hunted by riding lizards of the drow.[11]

Beyond the Prime Material plane, rats could be found in the Domains of Dread.[12]


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