Rath Modar was a Red Wizard of Thay who had desires to become the next Zulkir of Illusion and even grander plans for himself.[4]


Rath was deceptive and obfuscating. He had an interest in ancient empires and lost items of power. He plotted revenge from his castle on the Sword Coast.[4]

D&D Collectors mini - Rath Modar

The Rath modar miniature


The Red Wizard armed himself with a staff of fire and carried scrolls of dimension door, feather fall, and fireball spells on his person at all times.[2]


Rath was a Red Wizard of Thay who was exiled to the Sword Coast because of suspicions that he was involved in a plot by the Red Wizards to retake Thay from Szass Tam. He was a key player in the alliance with the Cult of the Dragon and planned that when Tiamat re-entered the world he would forge a Thayan alliance with her.[3]

Because of his exile, he wanted to take revenge by taking an army of dragons to Thay and conquering it for himself.[4]




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