Rathool's Pond, also called Rathool's Pool, was a body of water located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr.[2][3][4][1]


A tributary of the Wyvernflow fed Rathool's Pond,[1] though it lay within the city itself. Trout could be found in it.[3][1][4]


For some centuries, Whelunians used the pond as a burial site for war heroes and those slain in battle, depositing them in the pond together with their armor and weapons. Though the corpses decomposed, their armor and weapons took longer to rust away, turning the water orange-brown with rust.[3][1][4]

By the mid–13th century DR, Rathool's Pond was the local swimming pool and fishing hole.[2][3][1][4] Nevertheless, the contaminated waters were considered unsafe for drinking or fishing, as they were suspected to cause sickness.[3][1][4] However, the priests of Chauntea at the Harvest Hall opposed efforts to clean it up, fearing the dead would be disturbed and their spirits grow angry.[1][4]

The elven farmer Bryn Ohme Thornwood mentioned Rathool's Pond as an example of how some natural areas of Cormyr had been damaged by human activity.[1]


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