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Rattelyr dragons, or rattelyrs, were a sub-species of wingless, intelligent dragons that lived in warm climates with large areas of loose soil or sand.[2][3]


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When they were born, rattelyr dragons have glossy rust-colored scales that, like all dragons, lost their sheen and darken as they age. An adult dragons scales were a deep magenta, dark grey or black hue. They were also born with violet nodules at the base of their skull that grew into their characteristic hood. Other notable traits included webbed claws, large fangs and the eponymous tail of a rattlesnake.[3]


Like all dragons, rattelyrs were solitary and territorial creatures, albeit with an intellectual curiosity. They spent most of their time stalking the area around their den, typically shortened burrows or caverns, waiting for an opportunity to burst out from the soil or sand to devour prey. If they weren't hunting, or seeking excitement, a rattelyr could choose to be sociable and abduct and converse with traveling adventurers or merchants to gain knowledge of the nearby area or region at large.[3]

They were especially playful when it came to toying with opponents or prey they saw as weak.[3]


Rattelyr dragons were keen hunters, with exceptional eyesight. They would often bury themselves in soil, wait for their enemy then burst up and release their fire breath. If needed they would rattle their tail, panicking their foes. When they were angry, rattelyrs unfurled and extended their hood; this produced a spell turning-like effect on the beast.[3]




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