Raulauvin Oregh was a human cleric of Chauntea in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2][note 1] Raulauvin was one of the most favored servants of Chauntea in the Realms.[3]

By 1358 DR and through 1367 DR, she was the High Priest and Harvestmaster of the High Harvest Home temple in Elturel,[1][2][3] overseeing eighteen priests and forty-two followers.[1][2]



  1. Although statted as "male" and given masculine titles in Forgotten Realms Adventures and A Grand Tour of the Realms, the latter source refers to Raulauvin as "her", possibly in error or a retcon. Without more information, this article uses the literal interpretation. It is noted the church of Chauntea also has feminine titles like Harvestmistress.


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