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The Raumvirans (also, Raumvira[2]) were remnants of the people of the ancient empire of Raumathar. The Rashemi and Damaran ethnic groups descended from the Raumvirans.[1]


Raumvirans appeared very similar to Rashemi, although they were generally taller and had skin tones of lighter hue. These lighter shades of skin implied a relationship with the Sossrim people.[1] The men were known to grow thick beards.[2]


Raumvirans spoke Raumvira and employed the Dethek alphabet of the dwarves.[1]


The Raumvirans had a strong magical tradition, focused on conjuration, which ultimately led to their downfall.[3]


The Raumvirans were one of the early tribes living in the area of Rashemen before −2488 DR when the empire of Imaskar fell. During the Orcgate Wars from −1075 DR to −1069 DR, they served as mercenaries for the armies of Mulhorand. Though the orcs were defeated, the Mulhorand empire was at its end, and the Raumvirans took this opportunity to build an empire of their own. They successfully conquered much of the Endless Wastes and by −900 DR had firmly established Raumathar, which covered a region from the Lake of Mists to Sossal and the Great Ice Sea to Lake Ashane.[3]

Many wars between the Nars and the Raumvirans followed, while a third group in the region, the Rashemi, tried to remain independent of either. Both warring nations fell in −150 DR. In their conflict, they had both summoned powerful entities to their aid, but these monsters, demons, and minor deities, turned on the summoners. In defeat, as their empire burned, the survivors of Raumathar retreated into tiny bands and camps.[3] By 1372 DR, the only large populations of Raumvirans were in the city of Almorel and along the shores of the Lake of Mists.[1]

The earliest witches of Rasheman were of Raumviran descent, and that sisterhood was formed during the last days of the Raumathan empire.[3]



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