Raurokhymdhar, also known as The Golden, was the gold dragon ruler of the fortress-prison of Raurokh, located in Eskorn, Laerakond, in the centuries before the Spellplague.[1][2]


Raurokhymdhar was the ruler of Raurokh, an ancient dragonborn prison. She not only kept watch over the dragonborn slaves sent to the prison, but was also tasked with breeding new dragonborn slaves. Among the dragonborn clans that were controlled by Raurokhymdhar were the ancestors of Clan Kepeshmolik.[1][2]

When Shasphur liberated the dragonborn slaves from the prison, Raurokhymdhar was distracted by the elder slaves so Shaspur and the others could flee. After she discovered that the slaves had fled, Raurokhymdhar killed the elders.[1]

Raurokhymdhar was slain several years later by the dragonborn of Tymanchebar.[1]




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