The Rauvin Mountains were a small mountain range located in the Silver Marches of Northwest Faerûn.[1]


The Rauvins were located south of the Cold Wood and north of the larger Nether Mountains range.[4] The River Rauvin was widely believed to begin at Rainbow Gorge in the Rauvin Mountains (although in truth it began far to the north in the Cold Wood and traveled underground in the Rauvinheart caverns before appearing aboveground at Rainbow Gorge).[3]


The Rauvins spanned a range of 130 miles east-to-west and 30 miles north-to south.[5] The mountains themselves were purple-hued and rose between 7,000 and 8,000 feet above the valley floor.[1]


The northern side of the Rauvins were inhabited primarily by three orc tribes: the Heart Takers, Red Fangs, and Tornskull, named after various rituals to Gruumsh.[3] The southern side was home to numerous goblins, which roamed the foothills and had in places created sizable settlements, such as Chalarstaukh, Malauth, and Vaerluth.[6] Bugbears, ogres, and several varieties of giants (hill, cloud, frost) also dwelt in the mountains.[7]

A number of dragons roamed the Rauvins and the neighboring Nether Mountains, namely fang dragons and white dragons (the most likely to be seen), blues, coppers, golds, reds, silvers, and the occasional dracolich.[7]


The mountains were home to bears, wolves, ghost rothe, and giant eagles. Other inhabitants included dire boars, dire bears, dire wolves, ettins, worgs, and wyverns.[7]

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