Ravens were black birds similar to crows. They were opportunistic eaters, feeding on carrion, insects, grains, fruits, and small animals. These birds thrived in most northern climates and were very long-lived, making them ideal pets and companions.[citation needed]

Behavior[edit | edit source]

These creatures were very literal minded and often distracted by shiny objects. They were intelligent enough to be taught how to speak.[4]

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Habitats[edit | edit source]

Beyond Faerûn, ravens were known to inhabit the land of Kara-tur,[5] as well as the fens and moors of the Moonshae Isles.[6]

Beyond the surface of Toril, large numbers of ravens could be found living in the asteroid known as the Castle, in the center of the Tears of Selûne.[7]

Outside of the Prime Material plane, ravens inhabited the Celestial Bureaucracy's plane of Qui,[8] the Domains of Dread,[9] the plane of Acheron,[10] and along the most commonly traveled branches of Yggdrasil, the World Ash.[11]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

These creatures typically harbored animosity towards owls.[4]

The Raven Queen commanded numerous flocks of ravens from her divine realm in the Shadowfell. The ravens acted as the Queen's scouts and messengers across the multiverse, also alerting and guiding her shadar-kai servants to the location of items and memories that she wished to collect.[12]

Ravens were also allies to wereravens and were usually found together. It was very common for kindnesses of wereravens to hide in plain sight among unkindnesses of ravens.[13]

In the city of Ravens Bluff, a business known as the Raven Express used trained ravens to deliver mail.[14]

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