Ravenloft was a campaign setting released by TSR, Inc. It was a Gothic horror setting that took place in an extradimensional space known as the Demiplane of Dread.

Ravenloft was linked to the Forgotten Realms by way of the Ethereal Plane,[1] and several crossovers between the two settings have officially been noted. Harkon Lukas, one of the Darklords of the Demiplane of Dread was born in Cormyr.[2] Gondegal, the Lost King, was transported there,[3] as was Jander Sunstar, a gold elf from Evermeet,[4] and the entire Castle Spulzeer, along with Chardath and Kartak Spellseer.[5] Glorming Pass in the Vast was said to have a gate to Ravenloft as well.[6]

At an unspecified time, a Vistani camp was settled near Daggerford and Duchess Morwen Daggerford asked a group of adventurers to scare them away. The Vistani were in fact trying to lure the adventurers into the realm of Barovia in order to rid the land of the vampire Strahd[7].


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