Ravenous was an item enchantment that could be applied to a weapon.[1]


A ravenous weapon was always distinctly decorated. They had ornamental teeth or fangs; using real teeth and fangs instead of engravings for this purpose was also known.[1]


A ravenous weapon was able to hurt people more than a weapon normally would be able to. However, in the hands of an evil person who was so skilled in martial combat that he or she could deliver more strikes in a given time than other people, the weapon showed its true power. When such a person drew the blood of his or her enemy with the ravenous weapon, the weapon gained a "liking" for the blood of that enemy for about six seconds. During this time, every single attack that the wielder made with the ravenous weapon was more hurtful to the enemy. When hitting with it, the ravenous weapon actually gave off a sound that sounded like it was chewing at the enemy.[1]


Only evil people who were trained in the crafting of magical arms and armors and who also knew the slay living spell could create a ravenous weapon.[1]

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