The Altarside neighborhood of Ravens Bluff was a bustling, prosperous part of the city, highlighted by a number of businesses, key city landmarks as well as a handful of guildhalls and merchant houses. While it was the least wealthy of the neighborhoods of the city's Temple District, it was an important site for merchants and city officials.[2]

Notable locationsEdit

Businesses and Shops
Civic Offices
Inns, Taverns and Restaurants
  • Jellied Eel: This upscale eatery was once of the oldest and highly-favored among the Ravenian citizens.[1]
  • Lambent Eye: Located on Raphiel Road, this restaurant gained rapid popularity in the early 1370's DR.[1]
  • Singing Sword Inn: The only inn within the neighborhood of Altarside was a luxurious retreat for visitors and locals alike.[3]
  • Sword Tables Dining Lounge: Located on the ground floor of the Singing Sword, this quiet dining room offered a discreet atmosphere for its patrons.[3]
  • Gates of the Watchful Raven: These massive bronze gates opened up westward into Raven Bluff's Harbor District.[2]
  • Hall of the Raven:This massive, five-story keep served as the stately home of various knightly orders of Ravens Bluff.[2]
  • Ravendark Castle: These two stark towers, connected by flying bridges, housed the barracks of the Ravenian army.[2]
  • Ravens Bluff Playhouse: While the playhouse was a popular venue among the locals, it also attracted performers and artists from all across Faerûn.[4][3]
Merchant houses
  • Albrath's House: The main business of this merchant house was laundry services and it conveniently located near Raven Bluff's city hall on Raphiel Road.[1]
  • Horthlaer House: This merchant house was beloved by almost all of the small businesses and shops found throughout the Bluff, in thanks to their trusted warehouses and cargo-storage services.[3]
  • Rezara's Garden: A formerly dilapidated building, that was uniquely renovated with hanging gardens and a subterranean halfling-hole, was home to the Riverside halfling family.[3]
  • Citadel of Protection: This monumental circular temple-keep, encompassing an entire city block, was dedicated to the worship of Helm.[1]
  • The Hallow-Halls: Also known as the "Small-Temples", this complex of small shrines and temples were dedicated to the major deities elven, dwarven and halfling pantheons.[1]
  • Moonflame: Perhaps the most beautifully-designed and decorated temple within the city, this chapel of Selûne was a widely popular destination, and attracted a great number of volunteer assistants.[3]
  • Turning Wheel: The clergy within this holy house of Gond offered a number of inventions and innovations to the people of Ravens Bluff.[3]
Streets and Roads

Blacktree BoulevardCrothmar's LaneDeVillars RideGriffon TrailMacIntyre PathManycoins WayMoorland RideMorglar's RideNimble AlleyO'Kane CourtRaphiel RoadRaven WayRhabie PromenadeWaelstar WayWestwall Way



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